First Visit

First Visit

Ceres Pediatric Dentistry

At Ceres Pediatric Dentistry, your children’s smiles are important to us! We keep kids happy and healthy by focusing on providing exceptional service to promote bigger, brighter smiles. Our goal is to provide a pleasant and positive experience for both you and your children while focusing on your specific needs.

We understand how intimidating visiting a dentist for the first time can be for children. For this reason, we strive to have a welcoming and comfortable office for you and your children. Prior to your children’s first visit, feel free to ask anyone on our staff any questions you have so they can answer them and help alleviate any concerns you have about coming to see the dentist.

Our entire staff is here for you and your children during their appointment. We will do everything we can to ensure your children have a good visit. We are here to answer any questions or alleviate any concerns before your children even see the dentist.

Ceres Pediatric Dentistry

When Should My Child Visit the Dentist?

We follow the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) on when a child should first see a dentist. AAPD advises you should bring your child to see us when the first tooth comes through the gums or no later than their first birthday.

Although it may appear early, it is important to note that tooth decay and other oral health issues can arise as soon as a child’s first tooth emerges. It is never too early to nurture healthy oral habits in your child.

Additionally, early exposure to dental visits helps children develop a positive attitude toward dentistry, reducing the likelihood of developing fear or phobias associated with dental appointments.

How Can I Prepare for My Child’s First Dental Visit?

Avoid threatening language – Our team is trained to avoid the use of threatening language like “drills,” “needles,” “injections,” and “bleeding”. Even adults can get anxious when such words are used! Our highly specialized staff practices using words that convey the same message but are pleasant and non-frightening to the child. It is imperative for parents to use positive language when speaking about dental treatment with their child.

Provide positive explanations – It is important to explain the purposes of the dental visit in a positive way. Explaining that the dentist “helps keep teeth healthy” is far better than explaining that the dentist “is checking for tooth decay and might have to drill the tooth if decay is found.”

Explain what will happen – Anxiety can be vastly reduced if the child knows what to expect. Age-appropriate books about visiting the dentist can be very helpful in making the visit seem fun.

Ceres Pediatric Dentistry
Ceres Pediatric Dentistry

Here is a list of parent and dentist-approved books:

  • The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist – by Stan and Jan Berenstain
  • Going to the Dentist: A Toddler Prep Book (Toddler Prep Books) - by readysetprep
  • We’re Going to the Dentist: Going for a Check-up (Big Steps) - by Marion Cocklico
  • The Night Before the Dentist - by Natasha Wing

If you have any questions or would like to request an appointment, feel free to contact us today at (209) 538-9298.