Cavities and Fillings

Cavities and Fillings

Dental health is essential for overall well-being, and two common aspects that many people face are cavities and the subsequent need for fillings.

Cavities develop when acids produced by bacteria in your mouth gradually erode the protective enamel layer of your teeth. This demineralization process weakens the tooth's structure, leading to the formation of small holes or cavities. These cavities can grow larger if left untreated, causing pain, infection, and tooth loss.

If your child has a cavity, our dentist in Ceres, CA, will likely recommend a filling.

Dental fillings are restorative materials that repair teeth damaged by cavities or minor fractures. At Ceres Pediatric Dentistry, the procedure involves removing the decayed portion of the tooth and filling the cavity with a suitable material. Fillings help to prevent further decay and protect the tooth from further damage.

The Causes of Cavities

Poor Oral Hygiene

Inadequate oral hygiene practices, such as infrequent or improper brushing and flossing, allow bacteria to thrive in the mouth. When plaque, a sticky film of bacteria and food particles, accumulates on the teeth, it creates an ideal environment for acid production. This accelerates the demineralization process and increases the risk of cavities.

Sugary and Acidic Foods

A diet rich in sugary and acidic foods and beverages provides ample fuel for cavity-causing bacteria. Sodas, candies, and sugary snacks create an acidic environment in the mouth, accelerating the demineralization of enamel.

Dry Mouth

Saliva is crucial in neutralizing acids and removing food particles from the mouth. A dry mouth, caused by medications, certain medical conditions, or mouth breathing, reduces the mouth's ability to protect against cavities.

The Filling Process

Cavities are among the most common dental issues children face. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers effective treatments, including tooth-colored dental fillings, to address cavities and maintain healthy smiles.

A filling in Ceres, CA, is a restorative procedure that replaces decayed tooth structure with a material such as composite resin, porcelain, or amalgam. This treatment restores the strength and function of the tooth and helps prevent further decay.

Our dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and then thoroughly clean the area. Next, our dentist will apply an anesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding area. Then, they will fill the cavity with the chosen material.

Once the filling is in place, our dentist will shape it to match the natural contours of the tooth. Finally, our dentist will polish and smooth the surface of the filling so that it looks and feels like a natural part of the tooth.

After the procedure, your child may experience some discomfort, but this should subside within a few days. Follow all aftercare instructions our dentist provides to ensure a successful recovery.

Committing to dental health, you can preserve your child’s smile for a lifetime, promoting overall well-being and confidence in their daily life. For the best dental care, visit Ceres Pediatric Dentistry at 2561 3rd St., Suite A, Ceres, CA 95307, or call (209) 538-9298.

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